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Welcome to Prime Time Living Magazine

Prime Time Living Magazine is the only locally owned and operated magazine in Napa, Solano and surrounding counties that caters to active and mature adults. We are proud to bring information to the adult community from credible professionals in our area. It is our goal to continue to bring up-to-date and relative articles to our readers. Prime Time Living (formerly Prime Time Seniors) is in its eighth year of publication and continuing to expand and grow. It is important to stay connected with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Recent Posts

  • Measure A - Vacaville Unified School District
    Measure A – Vacaville Unified School District
    Our schools are certainly one of the most important assets in our community and should be a top priority. As a longtime resident of Vacaville and the former mayor of this great town, I want to write to share with you the...
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  • cash-euro-dollar
    Wendy’s Traveling Tips – VAT Refund
    VAT Refund By Wendy VanHatten If you’ve traveled to Europe, you’ve probably seen the words ‘value added tax’ or VAT on your receipt or in some shops. What is it? It’s a tax on goods and it ranges from 15 to 25 percent....
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  • It’s a Dangerous World for Teeth!
    It’s a Dangerous World for Teeth!
    The medical and dental fields are making great advances against many, many health issues. For example, we will have a vaccine for AIDS in the near future, polio and malaria are being controlled worldwide, the cure rate for breast cancer is increasing....
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