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Welcome to Prime Time Living Magazine

Prime Time Living Magazine is the only locally owned and operated magazine in Napa, Solano and surrounding counties that caters to active and mature adults. We are proud to bring information to the adult community from credible professionals in our area. It is our goal to continue to bring up-to-date and relative articles to our readers. Prime Time Living (formerly Prime Time Seniors) is in its eighth year of publication and continuing to expand and grow. It is important to stay connected with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Recent Posts

  • NorthBay Day Center New Patio
    Community Rallies for Adult Day Center
    Several fund raisers are in the works, all designed to benefit NorthBay’s Adult Day Center. The next Walk to End Alzheimers event is set for September 13 at the Suisun Waterfront, and NorthBay has put together a team to raise funds for...
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  • Type 1 Diabetic Rides for R2D2
    Type 1 Diabetic Rides for R2D2
    Klaus VanBentham learned at a very young age that if he was going to live a healthy life, he better get educated, fast. Diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 10, his German physicians bluntly told him that his health and his...
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  • Lessons from Centenarians
    The Older You Get, The Healthier You’ve Been
    Lessons from Centenarians By Rochelle Sherlock This year will mark the 8th Annual Centenarian Commemoration in Solano County. The Centenarian Commemoration is designed to honor and pay tribute to individuals who have reached 100 years of age or older. To date, the Board...
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