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Welcome to Prime Time Living Magazine

Prime Time Living Magazine is the only locally owned and operated magazine in Napa, Solano and surrounding counties that caters to active and mature adults. We are proud to bring information to the adult community from credible professionals in our area. It is our goal to continue to bring up-to-date and relative articles to our readers. Prime Time Living (formerly Prime Time Seniors) is in its eighth year of publication and continuing to expand and grow. It is important to stay connected with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Recent Posts

  • Test Your Themometers
    Test Your Themometers
    You have a thermometer in a drawer in your kitchen, right? You may even have separate ones for meat, for candy, for frying, or just for tempering chocolate. You probably assume every one of them is accurate, right? But, how do you...
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  • Roadmap to Retirement
    Roadmap to Retirement
    4 Steps to Living a GREAT Life By Angie M. Grainger, CPA/PFS, Certified Financial Planner® I know it sounds like such an easy thing, retirement, but moving toward retirement means stepping into a new phase of life.  And quite frankly, many don’t find...
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  • Holiday Travel List
    Holiday Travel List
    If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season…do you remember everything you need or want to take with you? Here’s a list to get you started. Add to it…delete from it…customize it to your trip. Then, save it for next year. Important...
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