The Binaural Advantage

If you have hearing loss in both ears (bilateral hearing loss), then you are most likely a candidate for two hearing aids. While a hearing healthcare professional can best determine if you are a candidate for two hearing aids, the ultimate decision-maker concerning binaural instruments is the

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Close to Home

Howard and Sheri Evans dated nearly 10 years before marrying in 2003. They had only been married six years when his declining health changed their lives. Howard’s illness was not a surprise; he says he was diagnosed with COPD in the mid-1990s. Howard continued to be active

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When the Golden Years Don’t Glow

When The Golden Years Don't Glow

As we age, it isn’t unusual or unreasonable to think about end of life issues. It makes sense to plan to provide for our loved ones, for end of life care, even for funeral arrangements. But sometimes planning ahead can be a sign that someone is thinking

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