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Aging with Choices

By Melanie Richardson, Senior Resource Specialist Imagine living to the ripe old age of 90 and still have all of your major faculties intact.  You can still read the small print on the newspaper without a magnifying glass.  You can take your dogs for a walk to

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The Biggest Challenges to Growing Old in California

By Dane Reeves Last January Napa County had two weeks where no Skilled Nursing Home Beds were available. All the nursing homes were full. People needing rehabilitation services or nursing home care after a hospital stay, had to go to Solano, Sonoma, or Contra Costa Counties. It

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Can the Veteran Administration (“The VA”) Help Me Pay for Care in My Home?

By Robert Nations, Senior Helpers North Bay Can the VA Help Me Pay for Care in My Home?   The answer is YES.    The VA offers many programs for veterans.  Here is an overview of two programs; Compensation and Pensions. Disability Compensation — This is a

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Transitioning Isn’t So Bad

Cornerstone Assisted Living

By Shelley Reyes A popular misconception to Senior Care Communities is that they are only for seniors who were forced there by health issues or severe disabilities.  In actuality, the majority of residents in Assisted Living are perfectly healthy and mobile.  My experience even indicates that seniors

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Close to Home

Howard and Sheri Evans dated nearly 10 years before marrying in 2003. They had only been married six years when his declining health changed their lives. Howard’s illness was not a surprise; he says he was diagnosed with COPD in the mid-1990s. Howard continued to be active

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