Harvest Time in Northern California

Harvest, according to Webster, is the season when the crops are gathered from the fields or the activity of gathering crops. Here in northern California, we have a variety of harvest times, with some fruits and vegetables ready to be harvested throughout different times of the year.


Let’s talk about October and November… What do you see? Do you pick up different produce at the neighborhood market? Have you noticed the pumpkin patches and corn mazes attracting weekend visitors?

fallinnapa3Going to a farmer’s market or stopping by a roadside stand in late September through November gives you a glimpse of what is being harvested this time of year. Typically, this is harvest time for almonds, walnuts, figs, persimmons, citrus, Asian pears, avocado, olives, squash, and late strawberries.

Drive through Napa or wine country and you’ll notice plenty of harvest happening there. Grapes. This is prime harvest season for wine growers. I’ve noticed the brilliant green leaves in the vineyards turning to deep golds and reds. Those big, fat clusters of dark purple grapes are no longer hanging low on the vines. They’ve been harvested, on their way to becoming bottled yumminess.

fallinnapa6Even my flower garden changes this time of year, although I don’t harvest anything from it. Flowers, which were once bright pink and purple, have darkened in color. Garden sunflowers are brighter and yellower. More fruit is appearing on my citrus trees.

Harvest means a change in the season, whether you actually gather your crops or just watch them change.
It’s a magical time of the year.

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