Roadmap to Retirement

Roadmap to Retirement
4 Steps to Living 
a GREAT Life

By Angie M. Grainger, CPA/PFS, Certified Financial Planner®

retirementI know it sounds like such an easy thing, retirement, but moving toward retirement means stepping into a new phase of life.  And quite frankly, many don’t find it that easy.

Finally, the chance to do all the things you ever wanted to do…travel, visit family, volunteer, remodel your home, move to the country, or write that book you’ve always dreamed of!  But as retirement nears, there’s underlying doubt.  Can I afford to do these things?  Can I afford to retire?  Will I run out of money?  Will I physically be able to do this?

One of the biggest concerns behind all retirement dreams is…”Am I brave enough?”  To live an amazing life, it takes courage. When lying on your death bed, do you want to have the final regret that you weren’t brave enough?

The other biggest concern is…”Do I have enough?”

Before I share with you the 4 most important steps you’ll ever hear about creating a great retirement, let me address this issue of “enough”.  First of all, when approaching retirement, simultaneously you are facing two very new paradigms.  One of having to shift your mindset from being an ‘earner’ to being a ‘spender’, and the other shift from having “no time”, to having complete freedom of your time.  These two perspectives can be very jarring during the retirement transition.

Imagine what these new mindsets can do to your finances.  You finally have the time to live your dreams, yet you know that every dollar you spend could have an impact on your future financial security.

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