Summer Skincare Tips

From Kris, Esthetician at Atma Wholistic Day Spa

We seem to be in the sun all the time. Gardening, swimming, walking, or playing tennis…It’s just something that happens, especially in the summer. We know we need to take care of our skin. We know we need to wear sunscreen.

But, what else? How can we take care of our skin and keep it healthy? How can we keep our faces protected as best as possible?

For answers, tips, and ideas, I turned to my Esthetician at Atma Wholistic Day Spa.

Kris recommended some great tips:

  1. Start with a daily regimen of vitamins and antioxidants in a nourishing cleanser
  2. Follow with hydration, using a moisturizer with many ingredients
  3. If using a serum, look for one with stem cells, peptides, and antioxidants
  4. Use sunscreen daily, and think about re-applying it throughout the day
  5. Top it off with a great, big, floppy hat

Enjoy summer!

Check with your Esthetician or ask Kris at Atma. She’ll check your skin and help you decide what is best for you.