Tips to Start Thinking About Meditation



Most people who do not meditate regularly believe that everything else is more important than taking the time to meditate.

That simply is not true.

Once you have enjoyed the many benefits of a regular (daily) meditation practice, you will find everything else gets easier, calmer, and more joyful when you dedicate the time to your own practice.

Many Benefits of Meditation

Even a few minutes of relaxing and quieting your mind will provide much needed rest for your physical and mental well being.  Your nervous system will be calmer, your thinking will be clearer, and your blood pressure reduced.


Closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and observing your thoughts helps to train your mind to stay in the present moment – rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Meditating with an open heart will bring you into alignment with your intuition and body wisdom.  You will be better equipped to make healthy choices about your schedule, your food, exercise, rest, and play time.

Decision Making & Clarity

One of the valuable gifts of meditation is not only relaxation and healing, but clarity and help with decision making.  Once you are relaxed and centered and in touch with your inner wisdom, you can ask a simple question and listen with your heart for the answers.

Rather than merely figuring out the answers intellectually or seeking answers outside yourself, you will be able to gain wisdom and clarity from the Divine and a greater capacity than only your conscious mind.

You may find this to be extremely helpful and effective for decisions about your health, for creativity with projects, or for planning events.

Simply ask for guidance with a question such as “What is the highest vision for my health?”  And quietly listen to your intuition and body wisdom.

You may receive images, words, or feelings.  You may have new and exciting insights or inspiration to take action.  Following through on these inspirations and insights creates powerful momentum for positive action and results.

Always Giving Thanks

It is very helpful to include gratitude in your meditation practice.  It feels very good, focuses your awareness on positive aspects and on what you desire, rather than feelings of separation from your dreams and wishes for good health, loving relationships, greater success, prosperity, and fun.

When you feel the desire to practice a little bit every day, consider seeking out a class or meditation group to help support you in your practice. There is great benefit, support and fun available when you practice with a group. I encourage you to be willing to try meditation for a few weeks or months. Then see if you notice any improvement in your sleep, your ability to concentrate, in your mental clarity, and overall happiness.


Becca Pronchick is the author of “No Matter the Question, Meditation Is the Answer”. She creates safe and sacred space for healing in the Napa Valley and beyond. 707-253-8733
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