Traveling With Parents… Making Family Memories

Traveling With Parents…

Making Family Memories

Traveling with Parents

By Travels and Escapes


If your summer travel plans include taking your parents to visit Rome, or inviting Aunt Mable along for a relaxing week by the warm waters of the Caribbean, or hopping on a bus with cousin Mary for a trip through the Southwest, you’ll probably need to plan a little differently. This would be especially true if your parents or traveling companions require special accommodations. Do you think you are ready for this trip? Are they? Do you know how much advance planning you’ll need to do?

Before you book your flights or put the down payment on the beach house, check out these tips on how to have a great experience.

Be aware of and respect your companion’s and your parents’ preferences and ideas:

Frist, talk about destinations, what to see, activities, and how much time you want to spend. Some planning here goes a long ways toward a happier trip.

Travel at the right pace:

No need for those whirlwind itineraries and exhausting trips. Make sure you have time to really relax and experience new places and cultures with your parents. Do not force your pace on them as they may not be up to it, depending on their age and fitness. So just slow down! Or, on the other side…if they are really active, you might want to take that extra hike to the top of the castle and get some fantastic photos.

Be aware of family photo times:

Especially if this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your parents, be on the lookout for great photo opportunities.

Remember any medical needs they might have:

Perhaps your parents are on some sort of medication. Get a list from them and make sure they have copies of their prescriptions with them.

When planning, look for places catering to families with older members:

Look for wheelchair accessibility, if that is an issue. Check for the number of steps at an attraction. How long will the lines be?

Meal time:

Do you know what your parents eat and when they must eat? Do you know what they like what are absolute no-no’s?

Take care:

Enjoy this time. Take extra care to ensure that your parents have a comfortable travel. Don’t make them feel they are inconveniencing you or are a burden. This should be an enjoyable trip.

This time won’t last:

Reinforce the purpose of the trip. Quality time, bonding, a love of travel…whatever it is, have a good time. This experience will be like nothing you’ve ever had. Go…see the world, experience the moment, make some family memories.

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